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JACOBSENS RENGØRING is based in Imager, and we have more than many years of experience in the cleaning industry. Our loyal, reliable, and not the least skilled employees make us one of the most sought-after cleaning companies in the metropolitan area. We undertake both large and small tasks and take pride in delivering a professional result of high quality and at reasonable prices.

We are your Rengøringsfirma cleaning company and we think about the environment. When we say your cleaning company, it is because we offer a solution that is adapte to your company’s needs and wishes. We are experts in all areas of cleaning. We come when it suits you best and we take all the tasks we are face with equally seriously. This applies regardless of whether you need to wash. A single staircase or whether you need a total cleaning solution in the company – and for all tasks, a work description is prepared that shows in detail what is included in the cleaning agreement.

In addition to being extremely flexible, we are also environmentally conscious. We only use environmentally friendly products for Rengøringshjælp cleaning. In addition, JACOBSENS RENGØRING has a constant focus on the development of staff through ongoing training in the use of cleaning products and equipment, as well as handling of waste and waste products. We make sure that all employees have the best cleaning products and tools available on the market and use these to solve the tasks in the best possible way at the customer.

When you think of cleaning, you may be thinking primarily of dust removal. Wiping furniture, floor washing, and window cleaning. But we think much further than that. We want to deliver total solutions to private companies. Housing associations, cooperative housing associations and owner associations – and when we say total solutions, we mean, among other things. on:

JACOBSENS RENGØRING always ready to help your company:

We always listen to our customers’ wishes and needs. And if you choose us as a partner, you can expect the following process:

We listen to your wishes and expectations for the Rengøringshjælp cleaning or the task we have to solve for you. Then we come to visit, to inspect the premises and talk the task solution through. While we make sure that we have employees with the right skills to solve the task.

We will then send you an offer, and will be happy to come by to elaborate on the details. Along with the offer, we also put together a detail job description so that you do not have to be in doubt about what has been agree.

If you approve the offer, our inspector will contact you regarding a start-up date. Handover of keys, alarm codes, etc. So that together you can ensure that we have what it takes to solve the task

On the actual start date, the inspector and the employee who is to perform the task arrive. Together they go through the job description, the premises, the routines, etc. – and then we get start.

We continuously evaluate our work with you, and take all questions into account. Because customer satisfaction is the alpha and omega for us.

JACOBSENS RENGØRING offers commercial Rengøring cleaning throughout Zealand but operates primarily in Greater Copenhagen and the adjacent municipalities. We are your cleaning company. So contact us if you need company cleaning or something else within commercial cleaning. Property service or special services.

If you are looking for a cleaning company business, contact +45 4880 9952 or [email protected]ø and get a non-binding offer. You are also very welcome to fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we will call you.

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