Amazing quality. Love MLB jersey. Perfect for Fashion.

1 year agoPurchased two of these tee shirts and I’m very satisfied with them. I’m a 50+ mile per week runner in the Desert Southwest, and I wear these when I run. They fit comfortably, and the fabric is the perfect weight for getting through a long, sweaty run in the desert heat. I have running tee shirts from a variety of other well known brands, and these shirts perform as well as anything else I own at a very competitive price point. I machine wash but air dry, and they have stayed perfect. Great for hot weather running, even the navy colored shirts keep you feeling cool on a hot day. I don’t normally leave reviews, but these shirts deserve a 5 star review. Price, quality, function and fit, they deliver and at half the cost of name brands.

Awesome shirt that does exactly what it’s supposed to. Keeps me cool and dry. I use this shirt in my weekly rotation of running shirts, but tend to save it for longer runs during the week because it’s nicer than the others I own. I’m not a shirt geek but this one does feel better than the others I own. I plan on adding more into the weekly rotations.

It has very nice material which is quite comfortable on the body. With some of my other shirts, I always used to get bleeding from my nipples due to constant running for longer hours but this one doesn’t have any such problem. It dries up very quickly.

I’m pretty broad and muscular up top and cheap Dodgers jerseys the XL fits me very nice. It moves really well with you and does not bind up- I have had some trouble in the past with shirts riding up during exercise, but this one stays put. It wicks sweat away very well, but the only complaint I have is this shirt takes a while to dry on it’s own.

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