7 Best Survival Boxes In 2022 That You Need To Know  

There are dozens of survival subscription boxes on the market providing the best items to pack and use during emergencies. They contain tactical tools, EDC gear, first aid kits and other necessities needed for outdoor use. Getting a survivor box is ideal when venturing into the wilderness. You can get yourself or gift your loved one the best survivor boxes with exclusive items. However, selecting the best survivor subscription box can be quite difficult if you lack knowledge. Do you need survival boxes for an outdoor adventure? This article analyzes some of the best survival boxes in 2022 that you need to know. 

  1. Battlbox 

This is an outdoor subscription box that delivers survival, EDC gear, and epic outdoor gear right to your door. It prepares you for tough and extreme situations by sending the gear every month. Battlbox is one of the best survival boxes in 2022 for anyone preparing for outdoor survival. We love this subscription box because you can receive various survivor subscription boxes containing backpacks, camping gear, and smaller supplies for outdoor adventure.   

You can choose from four subscriptions starting at $24.99 per month, depending on the size of the subscription. Select between basic, advanced, pro, or pro-plus plans that match your experience and needs. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive field-tested and hand-selected items for camping, Survival, and Outdoor Adventures. 

  1. Crate club 

Crate Club is a tactical survival subscription box featuring premier military-grade gear. It sends survival, tactical, and outdoor gear to its subscribers. The best thing about Crate club is that they have Navy Seals, army special forces, Rangers, USAF, and USMC special-ops hand-picking the gear.  

Its staff comprises of all US special operations veterans.  

The subscription starts at $34.99 a month. You’ll get authentic survival and tactical gear four times a year. There are two plans; the tactical survival gear used by Navy Seals and the Survival and EDC Gear. Subscribers also receive high-quality, member-exclusive items and online tutorials and tips.  

  1. Barrel and Blade Tactical box  

Barrel&Blade has collaborated with top experts to ensure every subscriber receives the highest quality gear. It’s all about general tactical and survival games hence suits the hardcore survival enthusiast. The survivor box includes everything from water purifier technology breakdowns to defense and survival gear. 

There are two subscription plans available starting at $49.99 per month. Level 2 is the most complete and premium package with an amazing assortment of battle-tested, tactical, and survival gear. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive field-tested, expert-approved, and best value gear, including knives. 

  1. Nomadik  

Nomadik encourages people to live their best lives by sending high-end and functional gear. It’s a premium outdoor subscription box that suits adventurous and outdoor enthusiasts. The boxes are curated based on seasons and activities with a stamp of approval from world-class adventurers. 

Each box costs $32.95 a month, including discounts for longer subscriptions. They contain one primary product, three smaller products, and two educational items pulled together into an exciting survival theme. For example, you will get gear, tools, accessories, foods, and inspiration materials.  

  1. Cairn – outdoor adventure 

This survivor box suits anyone who loves adventure and loves exploring the wilderness. It’s primarily an outdoor box, though the high-quality tools make it excellent for anyone interested in survival gear. The box includes six full-size outdoor products comprising food and energy bars, knives, camping gear, and multi-tools. It allows you to discover new outdoor essentials, including apparel, emergency products, foods, and snacks. 

Subscriptions start at $34.99 a month, with discounts available for longer subscription plans. You will get 5 to 10 premium outdoor products each month. After subscribing, they send boxes with a mix of outdoor gear, apparel, food, and emergency tools. You also get skincare items that you can easily use in the wild. 

  1. Primal Outpost 

Primal outpost is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, explorers, and anyone who loves adventure and wants to explore the wilderness. It will introduce you to new survival camping and outdoor products. Hence, you can buy it and gift it to your friend who fancies roaming the outdoors. They give a fresh set of survival gear every month.  

The subscription for this survival box starts at $45 per month. After subscribing, you receive various innovative products every month, including climbing gear, knives, camping equipment, healthy snacks, and survival tools. The company claims to send at least five items with every survival box, ranging from camping to Fitness, and some healthy snacks to keep you fit. They rigorously test all products to ensure they are ready for outdoor use. 

  1. Apocabox 

If you love great outdoor adventures, the Apocabox may be the best option for you. It’s designed to help ordinary people develop their survival skills and expand their collection of essential gear. You’ll get survival skills challenges every month alongside the gears.  

Apocabox is a bi-monthly subscription that delivers hand-picked survival tools, accessories, and information needed to explore the outdoors successfully. The survival box contains useful tools and hiking gear with real-life subscription boxes, including vests and tucks. You’ll also get healthy snacks every month to ensure high fuel levels during your adventures. 

Bottom Line 

When you have a survival box, you have a better chance of surviving, especially in an unwanted situation. We’ve described some of the best survival subscription boxes you need. These are value-added products that are great to keep in your car. Get any of these boxes to prepare for an upcoming adventure, depending on whether it suits your survival needs. If you want more resources for your outdoor adventures, go for the high-end survival kits.   

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