6 Tips for Using PS5 That Everyone Should Know

If you are someone who is using the PlayStation console for the first time or you have been playing it for a while but now you have switched to the latest PS5, we have something that might help you make the most out of your gaming experience with this console.

With this information by your side, you will be well equipped to have more fun while playing PS5 games that you love. So, stick with us till the end to know everything there is about gaming on PS5 and have endless fun.

Here are some easy tips for using PS5 that you need to try out for an amazing experience

  1. Transferring Game Files from Your PlayStation

If you have somehow managed to get your hands on a new PS5 console, you might be wondering about how you can transfer your games like path of exile trade and the rest, from the old to the new console. Obviously, it does not make any sense to start all over again once you have put that much time and energy into your games.

For transferring files, you need to connect both consoles via an ethernet cable, then go to settings, and click on the option, system software. Here you need to select transfer data files.

You also need to press the power button of your old PlayStation for a few seconds until you hear a beeping sound and then you can transfer the files of your choosing.

  1. Analyzing Your Playing Time

This feature allows you to keep track of your gaming sessions so that you don’t overdo it and neglect other aspects of your life.

You can also see the playtime next to each of the games you have played on the PS5 which allows you to determine how much progress you have made in a certain duration. Go to the profile by clicking on the top right corner of the main window and you’ll have this information in front of you.

  1. Playing Games in PS5 Version

Make sure to install the latest version of games that you played on your previous PS console. There is no point in having an updated console if you are still playing the old versions of the games.

If you look closely at the game’s title, you can see whether it’s the PS5 game or not. If along with the name of the game it says PS4, you need to reinstall it to play the latest version.

  1. Mess Around with the Controllers

The PS5 controllers are equipped with DualSense technology which gives you the most immersive feeling while playing due to its vibration and trigger effects. 

You can increase or decrease the intensity of vibrations of the controllers by going to the settings, clicking on accessories, and then selecting controllers’ settings. You can also adjust the brightness of the indicators of the controllers.

  1. Taking Videos and Screenshots

With PS5 you can also stream online, make videos, and take screenshots while playing which allows you to share your progress with the world. You can do this by pressing the create button on the left of the controller touchpad. If you press and then hold the button, it will take the screenshot.

PS5 automatically takes the videos and screenshots of your trophy wins which can take up a lot of your space. You can change this by going to the settings, choosing captures and broadcasts, and then clicking on trophies.

  1. Connect PS5 with Mobile

This allows you to access your PS5 account with your phone to interact with your friends, manage your storage space, launch games, and trigger updates remotely.

For this purpose, you can install revamped PlayStation app on your smartphone and connect it to your PS5. This way you can stay connected with your console all the time to get the latest news and to learn about exciting new trends.

Final Thoughts

If you use some or all of these tips while playing on your PS5, we guarantee that you will have more fun playing your favorite games like poe uberlab, Fortnite, FIFA 2021, etc. Most experienced PS5 gamers use these every day and we urge you to do the same to make the most out of your gaming time.

We really hope this stuff helps you use your PS5 properly and you get to enjoy it better as a result.   

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