6 Reasons To Hire Reactjs Developers For Your Next Project

ReactJS is already the most popular JavaScript technology for many reasons. It is a super-efficient, tremendously flexible, robust, and scalable JavaScript library used across a multitude of complex, feature-rich, and powerful web app projects for brands of all sizes and niches. Since its creation, it has led the frontend development scene with its declarative and scalable library.

The most recent Stack Overflow survey says that React remains to be the most popular JavaScript library that developers & companies prefer. Many top brands and uprising startups hire Reactjs builders in India for their web projects. From Apple to Facebook to Uber to Netflix, many top brands prefer ReactJS for their web projects.

This introduction is not enough to understand why React is a JavaScript library for web projects. Let’s understand these reasons in depth.

Faster Rendering with Virtual DOM

React changed the approach to rendering UI components by replacing the real DOMs with virtual DOM. All other JavaScript libraries use actual DOM for rendering and React by introducing virtual DOM helped with fast-paced and tremendously flexible app development.

React runs a memory reconciliation algorithm, and it is capable of creating a copy of the web page within the virtual memory. This serves as the virtual representation of the actual DOM. This helps in the faster rendering of the web pages.

Whenever new changes are introduced in the web app, the virtual DOM renders the entire user interface. Now when updating these changes in the representation by the virtual DOM. all other components that remain unchanged are not updated again. This saves a lot of rendering time for the app project. Ultimately, faster rendering through virtual DOM results in a shorter time to market and savings on developer hours.

Awesome Flexibility in UI Design

Every component has a life cycle for the web app projects, and React uses these details corresponding to every component for abstraction. Developers can use all the components details because react components come free without any dominant pattern. This results in greater flexibility in UI design.

React only deals with the View layer, allowing developers a lot of freedom in using the components abstractly as per the project’s specific design requirements. Just because the components with their life cycle and state details can be abstracted from the context and reused by the developers, they can do versatile design experiments with the user interface.

There is another catch that makes React so great for UI design. When it comes to modifying data, it can render and update just the required components. For every state of the app, React can generate a simple view. Thanks to these capabilities, debugging the React UI components is easier.

Reusable Components

This is probably the most common reason for preferring ReactJS libraries. ReactJS comes with a vast repository of reusable components. Which you can reuse across app projects for different platforms. Most importantly, all components in React carry their logic within. And they work abstractly without affecting the other parts of an app.

React offers a fantastic array of reusable system components apart from many components developers continue to add. You have simple web components such as text boxes, buttons, checkboxes, etc. Then you have an array of wrapper components that connect to the root components. Since each component works independently with their internal logic. So updating and changing any component doesn’t affect others and makes the process easier.

More SEO Friendly than Other JavaScript Frameworks

ReactJS is more friendly to search engine crawlers than other JavaScript frameworks and libraries. JavaScript poses some difficulties for the search engine crawlers to find content in websites, and other JavaScript libraries and frameworks cannot help but face this for their web projects. Using JSX, an HTML like JavaScript syntax, React solves this problem quite amicably. Because of the HTML-like syntax of JSX, ReactJS websites are easier to crawl by search engines.

Other JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as AngularJS have slower rendering speed, resulting in slower loading speed and website performance. React, thanks to its unique virtual DOM, ensures faster rendering. React websites load quicker and thus get favorable results in search engine ranking.

Easy Coding of Web-Optimized Components

HTML is the widely uses web scripting language. Because of it’s famous for its simple and easy coding conventions and high exposure to search engine crawlers. ReactJS uses a unique mixture of HTML syntax and JavaScript code called JSX. This HTML-flavored syntax extension makes it significantly easier for web developers to code the components. The HTML friendly JSX also keeps the web components lightweight and smooth for faster rendering.

Community Support & React Developer Tools

Reactjs is supported by Facebook and enjoys the support of a robust developer community representing developers across all experience levels and project exposures. React happens to be the most loved JavaScript technology as of now and hence gets regular contributions from thousands of developers worldwide. This vast community support providing active help with components and tools is a crucial reason to choose React for your next web project.

ReactJS comes with a robust and powerful developer toolset called React Developer Tools. This toolset comes as a browser extension. To keep tracking the components, finding their elements. To Use these tested and tried components for developing web apps without bugs.

Out of the Box Testing Tools

Finally, Out of the box testing tools, this one of the reasons why React is also preferred. Moreover, React apps are accessible for testing. Because it is View-based, the Views can be handled as state-specific functions. This allows a more straightforward evaluation of all the state-specific functions within React View. On top of that, ReactJS provides an array of user testing tools to check and debug the React components.


So, the reasons for choosing the ReactJS library for your web project are numerous. It is understandable from the value mentioned above propositions that React will continue to prosper and grow as a frontend development framework for years to come.

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