6 Killer Strategies to Ramp up B2B Demand Generation for Start-Ups

While the latter is focused on nurturing leads down the sales funnel, the former covers a much wider area. Demand Generation encompasses creating business awareness, highlighting your USPs, engaging your target audience, offering freebies, and seeking relevant information to analyze their needs, problems, and overall psyche. Thereon you propose your offerings as a solution for their business requirements.

All positive responses that you receive will herald the process of lead generation and eventual conversions. Here are six killer B2B demand generation strategies to ramp up your sales with minimal efforts:

Liaise with the right Database Service Provider

Incorrect and inconsistent data is the biggest obstacle in the path of successful B2B demand generation. When you are with your marketing team with precision-based, error-free, and scalable data, it significantly boosts the ROI of any marketing activity. Be it cold calling, email marketing, digital marketing, or door-to-door sales, collaborating with the correct database service provider will help you save a lot of time and effort.

Reinvigorate your Content Marketing Endeavours

You might possess excellent industry expertise and fantastic business offerings, but showcasing it with top-notch content is very important. In today’s fast-paced digital world, merely relying on one or two content formats will not yield much result. So try and diversify your content marketing strategy as much as possible. Create high-quality e-books, whitepapers, case studies, newsletters, and so on to capture the attention of your target market segments. Ideally, give them out as freebies for getting valuable personal information and feedback as well.

Host Virtual Events

Virtual Events like Webinars, Podcasts, Live Product Unboxing/Unveiling, and even Online Demos have become an integral part of B2B demand generation nowadays. Event marketing goes hand in hand with building your niche authority. With the negligible investment required and the opportunity to interact with multiple potential leads to understand their thought process and problem areas, the ROI of hosting B2B virtual events is exceptionally high.

Choose the Right Marketing Automation Software

If the number of leads is less, it is possible to nurture them manually without any loopholes. But as your business grows, you certainly need high-quality marketing automation software to streamline your sales workflow. Let the data-drive AI tool do its job of getting your systems in order so that your sales executives can focus solely on client interaction, client engagement, client retention, and rapport building.

Personalize your Social Media Interactions

In 2021, you are no longer alone, vying for the attention of possible clients on social media. All your competitors are reaching out to the same market segment with equal propensity. The only way to race ahead is by adding a personalized touch to your social media interactions. In particular, LinkedIn is crucial for B2B businesses to display their industry expertise and capabilities. Don’t just focus on building a higher number of connections, but genuinely reach out to professionals and offer free e-books, whitepapers, or even a free trial. Request for their feedback, opinions, and evaluate their business needs tactically. Rising above all the social media clutter and spam is very important for personalized targeting, getting the required information, and arousing interest in your offerings.

Solicit Client Reviews

Having a strong feedback mechanism in place is pivotal for successful B2B demand generation. As long as you don’t force them to fill out unnecessarily lengthy feedback forms, your clients will be more than happy to share their opinion about your products or services. With the constructive feedback you receive, you can better anticipate the demand in the market and align your marketing strategy accordingly.


As a B2B marketer, when you brainstorm marketing strategies, it is essential to understand that successful demand generation is the precedent for a consistent flow of positive leads. For start-ups, this becomes all the more challenging because it involves generating demand for your products/services from scratch. Therefore, chalking out the best marketing campaign for B2B demand generation and subsequent lead generation requires extensive research and forethought.

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