5 Ways Businesses Can Reduce Energy Consumption

Running a business is never an easy task to deal with. The difficulty increase when you include the costs to run or start your business. These costs may include employees’ salaries, rental space, products and services, and many other things. You should make sure to consider all these factors because they can put a huge impact on your business budget and if not done properly, the business can face a huge loss and can break down. Also, the use of electricity, water, gas, and hydro are costly too and many people forget to focus on the cost of energy and efficiency while operating a business. Saving energy can help you save a lot of your business expenses. Ontario Wholesale Energy is a boutique Natural Gas and Electricity supplier that provides Price Stability, Leveraged Index, and Structural Physical products to small and mid-sized commercial consumers in Ontario. Ontario Wholesale Energy offers a couple of incentive programs that allow companies to save on wholesale energy and reduce maintenance costs.

Here are five ways businesses can reduce energy consumption:

Establish energy-efficient practices:

“Present annual world energy consumption is about equal to the annihilation energy of 4 tons of matter,” said Barney Oliver, a scientist who made contributions in many fields, including radar, television, and computers. He was the founder and director of Hewlett Packard laboratories until his retirement in 1981.

Well, when you run a business, your business uses a lot of utilities that you need to pay every month. The most useful of all those utilities are in the daytime during working hours. Encourage your employees to follow energy-efficient practices that can reduce the usage of energy when there is no use. Ask your employees to switch off every electric utility after working hours. This can help you to decrease the usage of energy.

Get an energy audit done:

Well, the energy audit can help you understand which electric appliances use the most energy and during what time. The better thing is to hire an energy audit professional how can do the energy audit of your company. The professional can help you identify areas to trim your energy needs.

Replace existing bulbs with CFL’s:

You must know that the regular bulbs you use in your company use a lot of energy and can give you a huge budget for your electricity. Try to use CFL or LED lights that consume very little energy and work for a longer-term. Check if your lights are qualified by DesignLights Consortium (DLC) or Energy Star, they can have the probability of reducing your energy consumption up to 75%.

Use the hibernation feature of computers and laptops:

Hibernation is a special feature that is available on both laptops and computers. It allows the user to save all their existing work as it is, and they can continue their work on next day from the same point. Encourage all your employees to switch to hibernate mode when the office is closed.

Reduce paper wastage:

Printers and other big equipment consume a lot of energy, it is better to use the printers only when it’s necessary. This can reduce the wastage of energy and also paper.

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