5 Water Heater Tips – How to Save Money and Energy

Hot water is quite essential for every Indian family as there are diverse applications of it every day. As the usage rate is high, the energy bills are also high at the end of every month. In order to suppress it, you need to buy the best water heaters in India that have higher star ratings to help you save money on energy bills. 

There might be certain things that are resulting in ill operation of your water heater system. As a result of which more energy might be consumed. In this article, you will know about some of the tips that you must keep in mind to save money and energy altogether on the usage of water heaters. 

1. Prefer Using Cold Water for Certain Applications

Warm water might be a good choice for diverse applications, but cold water won’t impact negatively either. It is one of the most obvious tips that you must keep in mind in order to make sure that there is less usage of the water heater system. 

For some of the applications such as laundry, brushing teeth, washing hands and other such basic things, cold water is not at all harmful. Running the hot water supply for all these basic requirements puts load on the water heater system, and more energy is consumed in the process. 

It is eventually a productive tip that you must implement to experience a major cut on your energy bills. Make it a habit to use hot or warm water only for the applications where it is very much essential and cold water is not recommended for the purpose.

2. Check on the Faucets

Over time, the faucets start to leak and cause a nuisance in the water heater system. Due to this faucet leakage hassle, you will lose a lot of water and eventually a lot of money along with it. Water wastage is not all acceptable for which you must seek replacement or repair of the faucets immediately as soon as you find out the leakage problems. 

3. Keep the Temperature Low

When you keep the temperature setting low for your water heaters, it takes less time to heat the water to that setting. It is absolutely fine to take a shower or wash clothes in warm water with low-temperature settings. It will eventually help you save a good amount of energy that would reflect in your utility bills. 

In addition to that, it will also suppress the corrosion effects in your water heater system, which will save you replacement costs in the future. So, if your usual setting is 140 Degree Fahrenheit, then you can drop it to 120, and you would feel no difference at all. These small fluctuations are very productive. 

4. Get your Water Heater Tank Insulated

Getting the water heater tank insulated will eventually prevent heat loss from the tank. It will eventually help your system turn on frequently for heating the water. You must check out the manufacturers’ warranty to get it done professionally without having many hassles. 

If you do not have idea about doing it yourself, then contact professional plumbers for getting the insulation done. You need to keep in mind that while insulating the tank, you should not cover the burner and thermostat. Otherwise, it would hamper the functionality of the system. 

5. Insulate the Pipes

Along with the tank, you must consider getting the pipes insulated as well to prevent even a little heat loss. Insulate the pipe to the first 6 feet of the hot and cold-water pipes. It is to conserve the heat to reduce the load off the system for reheating the water. 

It is eventually an effective way of suppressing the energy consumed. These small alterations also help in reducing the energy bills to assist you in saving money in the long run. 


Whether you buy best washing machine under 10000 budget or buy an expensive water heater with no budget limit, you need to check on the energy-saving factors on all the appliances. Water heaters consumer more energy throughout the day and it needs to be controlled to the maximum means possible. So, consider all the above tips to experience a downfall in your energy bills and consumption.  

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