5 Interesting Lighting Ideas to Beautify Your House

When life gets boring and the pandemic locks you in your house, and you start looking at the walls of your house for the very first time and notice how plain they are, you begin to think.

Why haven’t I ever looked at the walls and the roof of my house? Have I always been so busy? What can I do to beautify my house and stir things up a little bit? What about renovation? But isn’t renovation very costly and the pandemic won’t allow it. What if I beautify my home by adding and replacing some of the lights?

Have you ever had this string of thought? Most of us have wondered about such things and browsed so many shopping sites ordering stuff to decorate our homes, like LED lights for home decoration.

Well, here are some exciting and interesting ideas to beautify your home with lights:

Using Bold Patterns and Colours

Stir up those colours in your room! Mix up those plain walls. Throw on some patterned wallpapers and match them with bright and loud beautifully designed lights. Try using hanging lamp lights with lots of patterns or make use of Varli and Mandala designs, whatever suits you.

Such a splash of paint will really liven your rooms. This idea can best be summed as “Beauty in Chaos”!

Recreating Orbs

Let’s take some of the orb lights and create a solar system of our own! A four orbed lamp, accompanied with an orb centred hanging light and scattered orb lights to enhance your place. Orbs can be a great theme when trying to revamp your room.

Pleated Fashion

Another trending subject that comes up is pleated fashion. Pleats make the room seem symmetrical and very elegant. For this, we can throw in some pleated lamps on the dressing table or beside a showcase cupboard or in front of a mirror. See it attract everyone’s eyes to it and shine bright with beautiful shadows dancing on the wall.

Bring in some Neon!

Neon lights and neon signs are a great way to add some energy to the room. You can use a neon sign with a quote on it or fix many neon lights in various corners of the room. So, when you turn off the lights, your room comesto life!

Hey! What about Paper?

Paper may be the least considered yet the most unique of light designs. Paper lamps and hanging lights give a textured feel to the rooms. To describe it in 3 words we can say ‘simple yet magnificent’.

These lamps and lights can be accompanied with plain walls, so as to convert your plain-walled room into a simple, mundane and rustic yet pleasing environment.

Zen Salt Lamps!

Have you ever heard about salt lamps? Yes, they exist. These lamps may just be the perfect complement to your room. These lamps appear very different yet still appear to blend with the room.

These Himalayan lamps are believed to have a calming effect. They create a zen vibe and may even help you sleep.

They have a soft pink colour and look just like an ancient rock. You can get them in the form of a polished smooth lamp or also a rugged-looking rough-textured lamp, whatever suits your needs.

What are Sputnik Lights?!

Don’t forget to try out the sputnik chandelier. With metallic colours and a complicated yet beautiful structure, this chandelier gives a modern look to the mid-century.

Beautiful patterns, unique designs and a myriad of shapes and colours make it very difficult to choose from. Sputnik lights may just be the perfect thing for your living room!

The Bottom Line

Revamping and restyling your house is not just an idea but it is an art. Do what best suits you, use all the hundred ideas in your brain to create something new. Bring in some outdoor LED flood lights, add some paper lamps and pleated lights, finish it off with sputnik lights or a Himalayan salt lamp or whatever you like. Don’t be afraid to explore and change. These changes might help relieve some pandemic stress and give you a chance to explore your creativity and artistic instincts. Beautifying your house may just be your next hobby!

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