5 Hacks to Do Better Lead Generation for your Manufacturing Company

Are you ahead or are in line with your competitors as far as pace is concerned? Or are you getting ahead of them when it comes to closing deals?

If you are among manufacturing companies such as keyboard manufacturing companies and asking these questions, you are not alone. It may tell why.

As per a CMO Survey, over the next 12 months, digital marketing spending is expected to rise by 10%. Given the low cost of generating online leads, this may not come as a surprise.

Also, when you see how budgets of 8.4% of the manufacturing companies are already parked to marketing, it is easier to see how much the other 10% will exponentiate. Those valuable marketing dollars will go farther when they are invested in strategies that aid your organization to differentiate from — and ultimately go ahead the competition.

Any good news? Yes!

Staying ahead of manufacturing competitors is not as tough as you may think; especially when we talk about new sales and lead generation. It is like a couple of hikers in the African savanna who confront a lion.

Right away, the first hiker sits and starts to put on his running sneakers. The other one is incredulous and asks, “Can you outrun a lion?” The first hiker replies, “No… I only need to outrun you.

It doesn’t need an extensive staff to outperform your competition in the era of online lead generation. With correct strategies in place, your customers and leads can substantially grow.

Before we go deep, here is a recap on why manufacturers should incorporate better and newer lead generation strategies:

Manufacturers and Online Lead Generation

The changing buyer/seller dynamic can be blamed for the need for better lead generation strategies. Buyers are searching online for ways to solve their problems, including manufactured solutions, whether they realize it or not.

As per research, 94% of B2B buyers report that they conduct some form of online research before making a purchase.

When buyers visit your website while searching and find their desired solution in your company, it is easy for them to become your loyal customers. If a buyer sees your company as a trusted source, the buying decision is much easier.

To navigate the changing seller and buyer dynamic, your company requires to:

  • Draw the attention of your prospects,
  • Enable your buyers to seamlessly go through your website to find a solution in your product, and
  • Show you as a trusted source so that buyers don’t see you as a newbie 

1. Generating Problem-Solving Content to Build your Brand as a Trusted Resource.

A strong content marketing strategy for B2B manufacturing concerns like the best mouse manufacturers can go a long way in luring the right prospects. The right prospects always look for ways to solve the issues they regularly encounter.

The key is to create problem-centric content rather than promotional, product-centric content (which serves no purpose unless you want to frustrate your customer and cause friction in the purchasing process!).

This blog post includes a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for creating a content marketing strategy that gets your brand name in front of the right people.

2. Putting in Place a Lead Generation Process

Leverage your carefully curated problem-centric and valuable content to attract a prospect’s email address. A workable way of doing this can be to encourage visitors to register for your newsletter.

Although it’s common for marketers to write content, remember not every content should be hidden behind a form.

A few content marketers believe that newsletter opt-in form causes friction and this in turn forces website visitors to bounce. Some other tactics for lead generation might be to engage visitors with a read-encouraging bot to sign up for your email list or blog. 

3. Using PPC to Supercharge Manufacturing Leads

When run right, PPC can accelerate results by generating high-quality leads.

There are two PPC ads recommended to manufacturing clients:

Search ads

These ads are shown on SERPs, like Google. Since people actively search for a solution, search ads bring leads of the highest value. Alternatively, they are ready to talk to salespeople and engage in a free trial or demo or request a quote.

Almost 70% of online searches are done through Google. It means your business’ interactions with this search engine, are invaluable to your success. As a fact, 64.4% of Google searches will bring an ad click when a client is specifically searching for a targeted product or service.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

It enables you in targeting audiences based on features such as their company, industry, or job title.

By conveying specific messages to the right audience, ABM garners a high ROI and allows marketers to communicate with sales. You can use ABM for “demand generation” by increasing awareness about your solution for lead generation. In an ideal scenario, ads for the “demand generation” will prepare targeted audiences to engage with your ads that lead towards lead generation.

4. Optimizing your Website

As you curate and implement your content marketing strategy, you will need to watch out for areas on your site that can use some SEO-friendly tweaks (URLs, page titles, H1 tags, etc.).

These little changes, together with research on competitors and keywords, will make it quite easier for search engines and people alike to find and utilize your web content.  

5. Using Social Media for Manufacturing Company

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, can be grip to lure and convert users who can benefit from the result your manufacturing organization provides.

These platforms can help you get your message in front of the right people, extend the reach of your content, and ultimately bring in more targeted visitors to your website.

While organic content is always beneficial, paid techniques can help you target your messages even more precisely. Honestly speaking, only a few manufacturing companies employ the above best practices successfully.

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