5 Best Platform for Bitcoin Trading – You Should Know

The increase in the number of people using cryptocurrencies around the world has brought some problems with it as well. For instance, the number of investors seeking opportunities in this business has really expanded and with it has come to another need.  

A good number of Bitcoin investors who are arguably the best cryptocurrencies are looking for the most suitable and viable options available in the market.  However, with many hackers and other swindlers out there seeking to prey on unsuspecting people, this is not an easy thing.  

In fact, so many people have been swindled off their money in the past and many more are likely to in case caution is not taken.  Therefore, if you intend to trade on Bitcoin it is very important that you take great care first of all.  Look for the best trustworthy and reputable platforms where you can facilitate this trade before going ahead with anything. 

That said, it is very important that you get to know the best Bitcoin trading platforms there is in the world right now.  Having this knowledge will make it easy for you to know where to trade your hard-earned money.  That said, the text below provides you with crucial links to the best Bitcoin trading platforms you can consider. 

  1. Coinbase 

Coinbase should come as no surprise to this list. It is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms there is currently. A good number of crypto traders have been trading on this platform for many years given its reputation.  

This exchange platform is operated by Coinbase Inc. which is a publicly-traded company.  The platform has been there for some time and is only getting better with every passing day.  These attributes among many others make it such a reliable and reputable trading platform for beginners.  

  1. Robinhood

Robinhood might not seem or sound like a proper name on this list but yes it is. This name or company if you like does not really seem like an ideal company when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.  However, that is not the case contrary to this opinion as Robinhood has its name on this list and rightly so. 

The company majors in quite a number of areas ranging from stock exchange to many others.  For people looking for a reliable bitcoin trading platform, this looks like a good choice.  The platform is actually traded on by quite a number of investors from across the globe. 

  1. Binance

This is yet again another popular Bitcoin trading platform there is. The trading platform has only been around for about five years but its popularity has risen sharply and steadily during the same time. Today, Binance is actually one of the greatest cryptocurrency trading platforms across the globe  

The fame of Binance has grown thanks to some of the provisions allowed by its traders.  For instance, Binance allows its traders to exchange with almost all types of coins.  Other than that, the company also has a presence and operations in more than 180 countries. 

  1. Gemini 

This company or platform if you like was established back in the year 2014.  It has since grown in popularity and now is one of the household names in crypto. The most notable thing about Gemini is that it is very trustworthy, which makes it very reliable. 

Therefore, if you need a safe place from where you can trade your Bitcoin then this has to be it.  The platform has a reputation that spans several years and is likely to do so even more. This makes it one of the best platforms from which Bitcoin trading. 

  1. Kraken 

If there is one thing that anyone doing Bitcoin trading needs to look out for is security and trust. When you find a secure and trustworthy platform, you will not have to worry about anything as you trade.  This security in turn makes it easy for you to focus on trading and ignore other things.  

This is exactly what Kraken is all about. It is a platform that guarantees you every ample time you desire when doing your Bitcoin trading.  You can always count on the platform for not just trading but also their security as well. 

The company has always made efforts to see to it that the kind of environment they create for their clients is the best.  Thus, when you choose to trade from here you can always be sure of doing business in a safe way.  


Listed above are some of the top five best Bitcoin trading platforms in the market.  If you wish to do some trading then any option from the list above will be ideal for you.

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